Lead Data & Product Analyst
Cross-functional data analyst with product mindset
3 year experience in Banking, Fintech and eCommerce
Profesional Skills
Python & Dev
5+ years programming experience with Python
Data Scraping & Processing, ETL
RESTful microservices / APIs with Django & Flask
Linux, Docker, Git
Product Analytics & BI
Extract & store data with ClickHouse, MSSQL, Hadoop
Plan, launch & analyse A/B tests
Dashboarding with Mixpanel, PowerBI, Grafana
Calculating funnels and Unit-economics
2+ year experience with
numpy, pandas, sklearn, xgboost, hadoop,
matplotlib, seaborn, gensim, NLTK, pySpark
on supervised learning
Management & Facilitation
Experienced with Scrum and Kanban, setting goals, developing a learning plans & team coaching
Worked with Jira, Trello, Confluence, Kaiten, Notion
Studied management for R&D, Data Science and Product teams
Work Experience
Lead Product Analyst, Alitools.io
[09.2019 - now]
Remote work on product discovery, Unit-economics,
A/B test analytics and event collection

ClickHouse, Grafana, Python,
A/B-testing, Unit-economics, ETL,
Product Discovery, Strategic Planning

Lead Product Analyst, Modulbank
[04.2019 - 08.2019]
Built a product report for Internet Acquiring
(metrics development + ETL + PowerBI)
Coached Product team in data-driven culture & analytics

Stack: MS SQL, Power BI, Python,
Metrics Hierarchy, Metrics Frameworks, Unit-economics
Data Science Teamlead, Modulbank
[05.2018 - 04.2019]
Led a team of 3 person in end-to-end predictive & analytics application development, MVPs & Machine Learning.
Produced analytics, models & code that helps to safe more than 1M rubles per month.

Stack: MS SQL, Python, ETL, Hypothesis testing,
Requirements management

Middle Data Scientist in R&D team, AkBarsDigitalTech
[10.2017 - 05.2018]
Developed an NLP microservice that trains in HitL environment
and as a part of Aimee product automated
AkBars Bank's support chat by 34%

Stack: Python, PostgreSQL, Gensim,
Annoy, Docker, Scrum

Data Scientist in Customer Insights Department, AkBarsDigitalTech
[05.2017 - 10.2017]
Predictive machine learning models development. Customer segmentation based on behavioral data. Writing analytical reports for new products in B2C banking.

Stack: Python, PySpark, Sklearn, Hadoop
Expert & Methodist
1st All-Russia Fintech Olympiad
Developed assignment about Python & NLP for 8-11 from students
Mentorship and solutions evaluation on final hackathon
Wrote methodological recommendations for school teachers to prepare students for the Olympiad
Product Mindset Program
Accomplished 7 weeks program about Product Management and won Rob Fitzpatrick's workshop
Data Science master program,
Innopolis University
Accomplished courses about NLP, ML, BI&ETL,
RDBMS development, Graph mining,
R&D Management, & UX/UI
Led a Student's Data Science Club
AI Bachelor degree,
Innopolis University
Accomplished courses about ML, AI,
Data Mining, Artificial Cognitive Systems & etc.
Collected venues from Instagram API &
Built CF recommender for thesis work
ICT Bachelor degree,
IT degree with math, programming, hardware & business modelling courses
Led a Student's club about Study Aid, Professional Skills development & Intelligent Games