Do we match?
Cover letter for Wheely's
Growth Product Analyst position
Goals & Vision
What are we doing achieveng here?
Wheely is providing one of the best premium ride-hailing service in London, Paris, St. Petersburg and Moscow. I tried once in Moscow - it is really customer-centric.

And you want to share this experience world-wide, in other top-tier cities.
So it means that you need to grow fast through innovations & partnerships. Moreover grow must be sustainable - with respect to already well-operated business and premium service for customers.

For me - it is the match. My previous experience with data very versatile. I worked in different positions and roles. Found that discovery&growth is my favorite. So I'm looking for a strong case for my portfolio & interesting challenges.

For me, our goals are aligned. So let's talk about our ability for partnership.
Feel free to contact me through Telegram, FB or email.